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During my youth, I had a strong urge to be creative with any task I had to perform. I conjured fresh ideas daily to keep things around the home more interesting. This creativity has also leaked into my professional attitude in web designing.

At my high school, in a small town in New Jersey, it was there that I took a class called "Multimedia". The name interested me and thus pushed me forward with momentum to learn everything I could about this wonderful industry.

After graduating high school, I continued my journey in this field by heading off to an art college in Philadelphia majoring in multimedia and web design. I had found my dream career, something that makes me happy to express my creativity to others all around the world.


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First thing that comes to mind when thinking what inspires me to succeed is my parents. The two of them show true dedication for something you love and have a passion for doing. They, also, have been very supportive of my dreams and aspirations.

Changing technology gives me motivation to keep on top of my designing skills and knowledge. Having sites designed with the latest scripts that are compatible on the web offer us as site designers the freedom to explore our creative minds with no limit of possibilities.


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(1) DO - Turn some thought into action - today, this week, now. You thought of a friend - okay, turn that thought into an email, a letter, a phone call. Don’t put it off. As the advertisement says, Just do it. Practice turning thoughts into things.

(2) SOMETHING - Even a small action is better than no action. Okay, you can’t liberate some Bastille in some far away country, but you can send support to Amnesty International. Don’t use the small action to appease your conscience if you know a larger action is called for, but don’t underestimate the value of the small action. Each helpful action is like planting an oasis in a desert. If there were enough oases, there would eventually be no desert.

(3) AS YOU ARE - It is good to have confidence in a breakthrough into some place you want to be, but on the way there be your best right where you are now. Don’t regret who you are. Start where you are. Tune the strings of your own life and profession. Not tomorrow, today. Seize the moment, draw out your good.

(4) POSITIVELY - Attend to attitude. It is a spiritual law that like attracts like. Be forgiving. Be patient. Be confident. Expect the good. Address your feelings. Let them speak to you, and also seek to change them as you would adjust your thinking when faced with a problem-solving task. I sometimes project my feelings on to a screen - maybe as a color, or as a climate - to get a sense of the emotional state out of which I am facing my world. Then I call up the faith out of which I live and create a climate of positive motivation.

(5) WITH OTHERS - For the ethical person, relationships have a priority. Practice to improve them right where you are. We are not waiting on the ideal to descend from the skies. We are making the ideal real right here and now. With the person we are with - in the family, at work, in our religious group, in our daily world. Each encounter is a challenge to be my ethical best.



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  •  Technology
  •  Music
  •  Reading
  •  Traveling
  •  Sports


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