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S ites range with a variety of languages used to develop such as: HTML, CSS, ColdFusion, DHTML, JavaScript, Flash, and PHP.

Jean Chatzky

Jean Chatzky, the financial editor for NBC's Today Show and is a featured money coach on Oprah's "Debt Diet" series, web site needed a quick redesign. Using XHTML and CSS2 layout, I provided her with a site that helps feature the look of her new book and met her expectations.

Wellness Center

R edesigned exisiting site to completely new style. This client's site required alot of programming in PHP, CSS, and HTML. The site was my biggest freelance project to date. It consisted of over 100 pages, product pages, and shopping cart with member features. The client is an established alternative doctor, promoting her article's, products, and knowledge of medicine. Also made the site search engine friendly.

RavenPreys Productions

T his company's requirements for a site was to show potential clients the skills and knowledge possessed by RavenPreys Productions by using their ready-made Television shorts and DVD videos encoded for online streaming. The client wanted the site to be developed with Flash and HTML. The site provides a user with excellent amount of information in a small 5 page sized website with maximum results.

Priesthood Records - Site is down

A Gospel record company, Priesthood Records, needed a website built to market their collection of artists and studio rental. I provided them with a high graphic design layout using Adobe Photoshop, HTML, JavaScript, DHTML, and PHP to build the site. This project will also have a flash version side for higher bandwidth users. Also the site will feature streaming sample audio tracks of the various artists' music.

Women's Computer Learning Center

Women's Computer Learning Center was designed for women who wanted to learn more about computer technology but are in intimidated by the fast paced classes. The client wanted the site to be a basic layout so not to confuse users. Also the text needed to be large enough for older users would be able to read it clearly. The site uses JavaScript, HTML and, CSS.

LA Elite Coaching

This company, LA Elite Coaching, asked for a fast loading simple yet professional looking website that offer users an overview of their services and the abiliity to contact them if interested in it. The site displays my image manipulation skills using Adobe Photoshop and and knowledge of HTML. I also am currently a webmaster for this client's other website, Green Monster Music.

Std-Dating.net - Site is down
The idea was originated by me and I built the database driven website to gather a community of users to feel comfortable about who they were. The site was offered for free to its members and is also nonprofit. The website is developed with ColdFusion and MS Server Database (All ColdFusion Script has been disabled). Also, the client side scripting is filled with HTML, JavaScript, and DHTML.


This client had a site that he wanted to expand and offer members to join and have special wine offers. This was the beginning stages of a new interface look for the BacchusSchoolofWine.com website. It met the client's requirements. It involved a simple look and vibrant graphics.

During the time spent at my college, we had a class that allowed us to pick a client and work with for real life situations. I choose to work with the Philadelphia's tourist center. They asked me to redesign the layout on how their newsletter page looked. I felt the original one was too wordy and had each article in full on the same page. I created an article menu system where you can read the first couple lines of the article and then choose the "Read More" link if it had caught your interest and you wanted to continue reading.

Television Interface

The television interface was developed for a Corel Painter/Macromedia Fireworks class called Advanced Image Manipulation. The requirements were to display images we had created using Painter in a creative yet simplicity manner using rollovers. This work was nominated for "Best of Quarter".

Portfolio Version 1.0
My first attempts for a portfolio site was while in the Art Institute of Philadelphia. The site had to reach certain requirements such as: have a flash and html page, multiple projects that have been developed over the course of being at the school, and use the knowledge and skills learned to "sell" yourself. This was a good attempt and a learning experience for me. The site consists of JavaScript, various Flash applications, Director interfaces, video streaming clips, and other graphical images.


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